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Carmel’s natural flair for what constitutes a good story came to the fore in 1996 when a brand of men's underwear in the UK called Brass Monkeys called on her for publicity.

She contrived 48 sheet posters which went up around London featuring a male body wearing a pair of white boxer shorts and headlines such as 'The Loin King' and 'Full Metal Packet'. The Advertising Standards Authority got wind of the campaign and wanted to ban the posters. Enraged by what she regarded as double standards since this was at the very time that Eva was showing off her cleavage in the Wonderbra ads, Carmel sent off the ASA's letter to the Guardian newspaper which broke the story about sexism in advertising on their front page. The next day every broadsheet newspaper covered the story and then it appeared in the tabloid press, television chat shows, radio programmes and even South African magazines such as Fair Lady and Cosmopolitan and Der Spiegel in Germany. Each time the story appeared so did the Brass Monkey ads.

The final value of the UK and international media coverage of this campaign was estimated at £5 million at the time.